Tatan Syuflana/AP/file

The nomination of a police chief under investigation for corruption has ensnared President Joko Widodo in a row between rival government agencies. His alliance with former President Megawati is now in the spotlight.

JAKARTA, INDONESIA — By nominating a tarnished cop as his police chief, Indonesian President Joko Widodo has triggered a feud between reformists bent on cleaning up the country’s endemic graft and an entitled elite with tentacles in virtually all public institutions. 

Workers monitored search efforts Monday at the National Search and Rescue Agency in Jakarta, Indonesia. - Farren Whiteside/Reuters

JAKARTA, Indonesia — A United States warship was dispatched to join the search for a missing AirAsia jet on Tuesday, as the Indonesian authorities announced an expanded search area.

“The area we are searching is huge,” Bambang Soelistyo, the head of Indonesia’s National Search and Rescue Agency, said in a briefing on Tuesday.