About a month ago a Dutch water management outfit called Deltares published a report on oil palm plantation in a part of the world you’ve probably never heard of but it makes for scary reading nevertheless.

In sweet sounding if heavily accented English, the cabin announcement on one airline here metaphorically kills me every time I hear it.

“The possession and trafficking of illegal drugs is a serious crime and carries the maximum penalty of death. Thank-You!”

It’s the “thank you” that gets me. Bright sounding and happy, it’s not far off the how you might react to someone who just paid for your latte.

Neil Bantleman and Ferdi Tjiong

By about 2:30 in the afternoon his face had a look of anguish. Seated on a bit of orange tarpaulin Neil Bantleman and his colleague, Ferdi Tjiong, both teachers at Jakarta International School, had been detained by police for more than two months previous on suspicion they had participated in the rapes of three kindergarten aged students at the school.